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Stora Enso Contracts Valmet Under EUR 1 Billion Investment for Finland Mill Conversion

Stora Enso contracts Valmet as a part of its EUR 1 billion investment for its Oulu, Finland, paper mill’s upgrade, to deliver Bleached Chemi-ThermoMechanical Pulp (BCTMP), evaporation plant, Non-Condensable Gas (NCG) technology, and automated solutions.

February 24, 2023

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Stora Enso has contracted Valmet to deliver bleached Chemi-ThermoMechanical pulp (BCTMP), evaporation, and non-condensable gas (NCG) technology as well as an extensive automation solutions package, under its approximately EUR 1 billion investment for conversion of an idle paper machine into high-volume consumer board production line, to its Oulu, Finland, paper mill.

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Valmet’s technology delivery includes a BCTMP line, featuring low operating costs, high process flexibility, and reliability with excellent pulp quality, and high bulk for board production, an evaporation plant, tailored for BCTMP filtrate recovery, including a Valmet Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) Evaporator and the mechanically reliable Tube Evaporation technology, with high energy efficiency, and low electricity and steam consumption, and an NCG boiler designed for very low NOx emissions and odorous gas handling. The delivery is supported by Valmet Industrial Internet solutions including connectivity and process support with analytics tools, including mill-wide Valmet DNA distributed control system with the new web-based user interface as well as an integrated Valmet IQ Machine Vision system.

Valmet will also deliver a rebuilt recovery boiler, including an electrostatic precipitator upgrade, for the site.

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The order, with an estimated delivery value of EUR 75-100 million, is among Valmet’s orders for the fourth quarter of 2022 and shall be delivered in phases leading to the mill becoming operational in early 2025.