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Naini Papers Orders Speciality Paper Machine from Valmet

The association between Naini Papers and Valmet has been quite longstanding and the new order further strengthens their partnership. January 11, 2023 Mr. Pawan Agarwal, Managing Director, Naini Papers Limited has announced on LinkedIn the signing of an agreement with Valmet for the supply of a Speciality Paper Machine. The......
News updates

Yash Pakka Announces Mega Expansion under Program Jagriti

With this development, Yash Pakka aims to ramp up its production capacity to provide consumers with sustainable packaging options. August 2, 2022 With rising consumer awareness of the environmental impact of plastic packaging, the demand for sustainable packaging materials has also increased. With the aim to provide environment-friendly products to......

Slow & Steady wins the race

During our childhood days, all of us would have read about “Hare & Tortoise” fable. The famous lesson from the fable was “Slow & Steady wins the race” however, most of the times; the first mover advantage holds true (except in some cases). But now there is a slight change......