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Yash Pakka Announces Mega Expansion under Program Jagriti

With this development, Yash Pakka aims to ramp up its production capacity to provide consumers with sustainable packaging options. August 2, 2022 With rising consumer awareness of the environmental impact of plastic packaging, the demand for sustainable packaging materials has also increased. With the aim to provide environment-friendly products to......
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Yash Pakka Bags FSC Chain-of-Custody Certification for Sustainability

Yash Pakka generates its own electricity with a captive power plant that operates on biomass. It also sources its raw material and fuel locally and recovers 95 percent of the cooking chemicals used in manufacturing. July 29, 2022 Yash Pakka Ltd. has bagged the coveted Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) Chain-of-Custody......
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Yash Pakka: Goal to Plant 10 Million Trees a Year

“We are a company to plant trees and not cut, but we see this as a necessary investment in the future as a safeguard against raw material and fuel availability,” says Mr. Jagdeep Hira, Business Head, Yash Pakka Ltd. Yash Pakka Ltd. provides agri-residue pulp in both bleached and unbleached varieties.......