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Stora Enso Introduces New Barrier Boards to Replace Plastic in Food Packaging

The new barrier solution responds to market demands for eco-friendly, renewable and recyclable packaging materials to replace plastics in food service applications. February 18, 2020 Stora Enso has expanded its range of renewable packaging materials by introducing new dispersion barrier materials for paper cups and food packaging. The new dispersion......

Yash Papers Enters Green Segment With Its Eco-Friendly Tableware Range

Manik Seth
The company has diversified into production of biodegradable and eco-friendly tableware range to promote use of environment friendly products in the food industry. October 21, 2017 Yash Papers has also announced the introduction of its new range of tableware (use and throw plates and bowels for restaurants and containers for......
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200 years of Heimbach: The history of the future

Manik Seth
In 1811, a time when Napoleon still reigned in the Dueren region in Germany, Thomas Joseph Heimbach laid the foundation stone of today's Heimbach. By the middle of the 19th century, Heimbach had already ceased to produce any clothing apparel and was focussed exclusively on the manufacture of felts for paper machines. With a product portfolio including forming fabrics, press...