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Metsä Board Appoints AFRY as Engineering Partner for New Folding Boxboard Mill Pre-Engineering In Finland

Metsä Board, part of Metsä Group, has assigned European engineering company AFRY for the pre-engineering of a new folding boxboard mill with an annual capacity of approximately 800,000 tonnes at the Kaskinen mill site in Finland. As part of the pre-engineering, an environmental impact assessment and an environmental permit process......
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Yash Pakka Announces Mega Expansion under Program Jagriti

With this development, Yash Pakka aims to ramp up its production capacity to provide consumers with sustainable packaging options. August 2, 2022 With rising consumer awareness of the environmental impact of plastic packaging, the demand for sustainable packaging materials has also increased. With the aim to provide environment-friendly products to......
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Metsä Board’s Multimillion Investment to Increase Folding Boxboard Capacity in Sweden

The investment in Husum mill, Sweden, is driven by the growing demand for sustainably produced packaging materials. AFRY has been selected for an engineering assignment for the said investment project aimed to increase the folding boxboard production capabilities. October 08, 2021 Metsä Board, a subdivision of Metsä Group, has partnered......