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ANDRITZ Introduces CircleToZero – Paving the Way Towards Pulp Production With Zero Emissions and Zero Waste

CircleToZero will enable the industry to either eliminate or make use of side streams in pulp production and convert by-products into new value-added products. July 26, 2021 ANDRITZ has launched CircleToZero®, a holistic program for the pulp-producing industry with the goal of providing strong support to customers in their efforts......

Valmet Introduces New Inline Optical Total Consistency and Ash Measurement

Valmet OC2R offers the possibility to measure ash in recycled pulp manufacturing applications as well as general stock preparation applications in paper, tissue and board. September 5, 2019 Valmet has launched a new Valmet Optical Consistency Measurement (Valmet OC2R), which has been developed for recycled pulp manufacturing applications, as well......

CII Conference on Water Management Strategies: Sustainable Expansion of Industry to Result From Contraction in Water Usage

The well-themed conference juxtaposed fine speakers and even finer subjects on one of the most pressing issues worldwide, more so for the pulp and paper industry, i.e. water management and conservation through adoption of innovations and technologies. As a large water consumer, the Indian pulp and paper industry has been......
Special Feature

Pulp: A Much Sought-After Raw Material

Wood fibres are recyclable, renewable and biodegradable – that’s why they are regarded as a wonderful resource in today’s world. When processed into chemical pulp, they become an ideal sustainable raw material for paper production. Pulp producers, therefore, need to be completely transparent and ecologically responsible; they should never forget......