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Government of India to Impose Restrictions on Import of Mixed Papers

The GoI is working to frame a regulatory policy that would restrict the contamination in imported papers above the permissible limit. January 9, 2019 According to the reports, the Government of India will be implementing 1% contamination limit for all mixed paper imports, with five bales of mixed paper to......
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UNIDO: Enhancing the Productivity and Competitiveness of the Indian Pulp and Paper Industry

The Indian pulp and paper market is one of the world’s fastest growing pulp and paper markets. While the demand for paper is growing rapidly, the industry faces several supply-related challenges. These include, inter alia, limited availability of good quality raw materials, high cost of basic inputs, traditional technology, limited......

The Paper Industry though Resilient Needs to Curb Excessive Imports

The inaugural session of Paperex 2017 saw some serious deliberation on the key issues of the industry including plight of the newsprint industry, threatening levels of import of paper and board, efforts in environmental compliance, technology’s role in operational optimization, etc. The celebration of the first World Paper Day became......
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Water Usage in Recycled Paper Mills in India and the World

By Subhash Deodhar Water is absolutely essential for papermaking. Not only is it needed to move all papermaking raw materials within the paper mill, but it is also critical for the paper forming process itself. During drying of paper, water brings the fibers close enough to form bonds between the......

CII Conference on Water Management Strategies: Sustainable Expansion of Industry to Result From Contraction in Water Usage

The well-themed conference juxtaposed fine speakers and even finer subjects on one of the most pressing issues worldwide, more so for the pulp and paper industry, i.e. water management and conservation through adoption of innovations and technologies. As a large water consumer, the Indian pulp and paper industry has been......

ITC-PSPD: Combating Fiber Deficiency the Cost-Competitive Way

India is deficient in overall fiber availability, not to say wood-based fiber; the way forward is to layout carefully a long-term wood-fiber strategy with a serious focus on indigenous social-farm-forestry, cutting down the need of importing fiber permanently. The Indian pulp and paper industry has long been grappling with raw......