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Mondi expands release liner range with the launch of new paper-based EverLiner products

The liners are lighter in weight and are created with FSC® or PEFC® certified paper which further ensures responsible sourcing. February 12, 2021 Leading global packaging and paper group Mondi is introducing a range of new paper-based release liners that are made using recycled and light-weight materials and provide a......

Sappi North America Set for Expansion in LusterCote® Packaging Line

Manik Seth
The new heavyweight LusterCote product is available in 70, 80 and 95lbThe new heavyweight LusterCote product is available in 70, 80 and 95lb February 3, 2016 Sappi North America, a leading producer and supplier of diversified paper and packaging products, has announced the expansion of its LusterCote® packaging line. The......
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Pulp: A Much Sought-After Raw Material

Manik Seth
Wood fibres are recyclable, renewable and biodegradable – that’s why they are regarded as a wonderful resource in today’s world. When processed into chemical pulp, they become an ideal sustainable raw material for paper production. Pulp producers, therefore, need to be completely transparent and ecologically responsible; they should never forget......