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Vertex Chem: Striving for Innovation in Product Development to Achieve Economic & Eco-Friendly Solutions

“We assist the paper industry by developing next-generation products. We supply BF booster, RCT enhancer, ply bonding chemicals, and slushing aid to many paper, and paperboard industries in India and abroad.” Vertex Chem Pvt. Ltd. (VCPL) specialises in manufacturing industrial chemicals. Based in Kalyan (Thane), VCPL has a wide range......
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IVAX Paper Chemicals: Empowering Industry with Sustainable and Cost-Effective Solutions to Make Paper Come Alive

Established in 1988, IVAX Paper Chemicals Ltd. manufactures a complete range of chemicals for paper and paperboard industries. With its three manufacturing facilities in India and one in Thailand, the company supplies and ships its products to various countries including Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, South Africa, Latin America and......
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Maintech Offers Solution for Deposit Prevention on Dryer Parts

Maintech provides the solution for the issues caused by troublesome deposits on dryer fabrics, rolls, and dryer cylinders of the paper machines. With an aim to support ‘eco-friendly papermaking’, the company provides its technologies to over 240 paper machines worldwide. Their considerable experience and expertise enable them to provide the......

How Chemicals and Enzymes Became Critical for Papermaking

Growing with the Indian paper industry, Anmol Polymers Pvt. Ltd. has evolved some of the most diverse chemical and enzymatic ranges aimed at complete processes of pulp and papermaking, starting from pulp making to paper manufacturing and water treatment. Joining hands with global leaders like Novozymes and others, the company......
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Life Cycle of the U.S. Paper Industry

By Cathy Greenleaf, Senior Consultant, Fisher International Typical Phases of Industry Growth PHASE CHARACTERISTICS Start Up Innovative product; entry to market not as difficult Growth Generally during this phase smaller companies are forced out through consolidation and barriers to entry are high Mature Profit margins are lowered; market share and......

CII Conference on Water Management Strategies: Sustainable Expansion of Industry to Result From Contraction in Water Usage

The well-themed conference juxtaposed fine speakers and even finer subjects on one of the most pressing issues worldwide, more so for the pulp and paper industry, i.e. water management and conservation through adoption of innovations and technologies. As a large water consumer, the Indian pulp and paper industry has been......

Stora Enso acquires US-based biotechnology company

June 23, 2014 Stora Enso has acquired 100% of the shares of the US-based company Virdia, a leading developer of extraction and separation technologies for conversion of cellulosic biomass into highly refined sugars and lignin. The upfront debt-free transaction value is approximately USD 33 million with additional potential payouts totalling......
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Waiting for Economic Turnaround

The previous year saw the Indian paper industry grappling with the global economic crisis. Does it mean that the industry witnessed no significant growth in the previous year? Paper manufacturers in India may not be in the best of moods, but quite a few of them are optimistic that the......
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A New Way to Clean Dryer Fabrics – The ECOfficiency™ Concept

Simon Taurer* Paper industry is no exception and is under continuous pressure of increment in costs of raw material and energy. Evolution of efficient production procedures, environmental friendly manufacturing methods, keeps our industry growing. Mills are forced to use recycled fibres, add more fillers that are cheaper replacement of fibre......