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Shree Krishna Paper Mills: Small Things Make Big Difference

Mr. Naynesh Pasari, Director, Shree Krishna Paper Mills, shed some light on the new developments at the company, their efforts to bring environmentally friendly solutions, and the new innovations at the company. “After a lot of trials, Shree Krishna Paper Mills & Industries launched brown A4 PackMate copier paper that......
HEADLINE Special Feature

Trident: Invested INR 20 Crore to Ensure Increased Water Storage Capacity & Reduced Groundwater Abstraction

Inputs from Trident Group – on water conservation practices espoused by the paper manufacturing company, recent developments with regard to water-saving practices and the revolutionary steps taken by the company. Our water treatment process along with wastewater treatment strategies… At Trident, we are committed to making sustainability the centre of......

International Paper APPM: Focusing on Education, Environment and Engagement

On 10th March 2014 team Paper Mart began its journey from International Paper APPM Limited’s, head office, located in Hyderabad, toward Rajahmundry to get a glimpse of its CSR activities and the farm forestry efforts. Wikipedia says that the district of Rajahmundry was created in 1823 and has a rich......