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Trident: Invested INR 20 Crore to Ensure Increased Water Storage Capacity & Reduced Groundwater Abstraction

Inputs from Trident Group – on water conservation practices espoused by the paper manufacturing company, recent developments with regard to water-saving practices and the revolutionary steps taken by the company. Our water treatment process along with wastewater treatment strategies… At Trident, we are committed to making sustainability the centre of......
Special Feature

Star Paper Mills: Reusing Treated Water in Cooling, Sealing, Cleaning, Gardening and Fire Hydrants

Mr. Madhukar Mishra, Managing Director, Star Paper Mills Ltd., talks about the means adopted by the paper company in saving freshwater consumption, and the infrastructure of their water treatment unit at their plant. Our water treatment process and wastewater treatment strategies… Star Paper Mills strives to maintain harmony with the......