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Trident: Invested INR 20 Crore to Ensure Increased Water Storage Capacity & Reduced Groundwater Abstraction

Inputs from Trident Group – on water conservation practices espoused by the paper manufacturing company, recent developments with regard to water-saving practices and the revolutionary steps taken by the company.

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Our water treatment process along with wastewater treatment strategies…

At Trident, we are committed to making sustainability the centre of all our initiatives. We believe in corporate excellence and social welfare. Our water conservation initiatives, hence, have been aligned with our long-term vision of environmental conservation. These include installing a disc filter recycling system, which recycles the water from the paper machine back into the process. We have our own water treatment and wastewater treatment plants, both of which are equipped with cutting-edge technology. We also keep our water consumption in check and ensure it is within the national best standards for the agro-based pulp and paper industry recycling it at every stage.

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Our investment into water treatment infrastructure…

Our CSR initiatives are designed in consultation with the management, social experts, community, and other significant stakeholders. We plan our implementation strategy in a way to devise long-term sustainable and scalable solutions. In tune with our goal, we recently invested INR 20 crore to develop our water and wastewater treatment system with advanced technology equipment, resulting in increased water storage capacity and reduced groundwater abstraction. For the treatment of wheat straw washing effluent, we installed a DAF & screw press (a German technology). We have also installed advanced aerators based on the technology developed in the United States.

Moreover, we have charted out a financial plan wherein the company will spend, in every financial year, at least 2 percent of the average net profits earned during the three immediately preceding financial years on sustainable projects in accordance with the CSR policy. The surplus too will be invested back into the CSR activities.

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Water consumed per tonne of paper produced…

As a result of the water conservation efforts of Trident, our water consumption per tonne of paper production is 46.5 kilolitres, which is 7 percent lower than the government norms.

Measures undertaken to minimise the consumption…

Trident has been recognised for the measures undertaken for setting up water-efficient machinery, zero liquid discharge systems, kaizen implementation, rainwater harvesting, and so on. We have installed an upgraded sewage treatment facility that provides water for plantations to develop a green belt inside the Trident campus.

Recent developments with regards to water management and treatment…

We have recently upgraded our current setup using advanced technologies. By enhancing the water storage capacity from 4 days to 16 days, we have reduced the ground-water abstraction. We changed conventional clarifier technology to DAF and screw-press for efficient handling of wheat straw washing effluent and replaced conventional technology-based aerators with advanced jet aerators, resulting in lowered operational costs and better quality of treated water.

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Path-breaking steps taken…

At Trident, we strive to bring a positive change to the existing conditions of the environment. Directing all our endeavours towards achieving sustainable development, we took bold steps to go beyond conventional corporate manufacturing and transform ourselves into an environmentally conscious enterprise. We have undertaken various environmental initiatives including digitalised monitoring of groundwater levels, reduction in GHG emissions, increased waste recovery, and recycling.