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APP: Giant’s Indian Voyage

Manik Seth
Standing at a mammoth 18-19 million tonnes per annum of production, a comprehensive global footprint, and a portfolio bereft of nothing related to paper, APP is sure to stir the Indian market with its presence. The Asian Paper giant, Asia Pulp & Paper, recently started its first tissue converting unit......

North Indian Paper Mills Close Operation

Manik Seth
Rising raw material cost has been cited as the reason for temporary shut down January 22, 2016 Owners of around 130 paper mills in north India have suspended operation for five days citing rise in price of raw materials. The paper mills have suspended production for five days since yesterday,......
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Demand is Here

Manik Seth
The bumps of slowdown have been felt by the India paper industry presently, while on the other hand the converting units (the real executioners) are expanding their business with the positive sentiments. This slowdown is merely an after effect of the bunching of capacities leading to lower margins and in......

Oji Paper Incorporates a Subsidiary in India

Manik Seth
May 7, 2012 Oji Paper Co., Ltd. announced that it has reached decision to incorporate a wholly owned subsidiary in India, in order to accelerate investigation and preparation to explore corrugated container business in the country. Implementation of the investment and the business is to be announced subject to further......