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IBS – PPG: Worldwide Partner for Paper Machine Optimization

Manik Seth
With our iProducts (iFibre, iTable, iPress and iSafety), we have created very innovative system solutions to enable our customers to achieve maximum of quality with minimum of energy and chemical additives, says Marc Kaddoura. IBS – Paper Performance Group, founded in 1967 in Teufenbach, Austria, is a worldwide supplier to......

IBS-PPG Demonstrates iProducts, Fresh & Groundbreaking Range of System Solutions for the pulp and paper industry

Manik Seth
The technical sessions were a means to showcase IBS-PPG solutions to the Indian paper industry through illustrative presentations and Q&A round. The IBS-Paper Performance Group represented by Brown Multitech Multitech Pvt. Ltd. in India arranged for a 2-day conference on April 5 & 6 in Gurgaon, Delhi-NCR inviting various managers......
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A New Way to Clean Dryer Fabrics – The ECOfficiency™ Concept

Manik Seth
Simon Taurer* Paper industry is no exception and is under continuous pressure of increment in costs of raw material and energy. Evolution of efficient production procedures, environmental friendly manufacturing methods, keeps our industry growing. Mills are forced to use recycled fibres, add more fillers that are cheaper replacement of fibre......

JR VAC Compact: Efficient cleaning of paper machine clothing

Manik Seth
Day 3-4 Newsletter, 26-27th October 2013 The increased use of low-quality recycled fibres and the increased input of fillers do require more and more efficient cleaning of paper machine clothing. Contamination (stickies, fillers A.S.O.) has a great negative impact on the performance of a paper machine and the quality of......