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Archroma Announces Certification Of Carta®, Cartasol® F, Cartafix® Ranges of Colorants for Compostable Paper

Archroma announced the certification of its colorants from the Carta®, Cartasol® F and Cartafix® ranges. Key features and benefits of Archroma’s compostable dyes include uncompromised color brilliance, compliance with international standards, more sustainable coloration, and reliable performance. Aug 1, 2023 Archroma has recently announced the certification of a color range......
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OPIL: ‘Brand Experience is Built over Time through a Series of Experiences’

Orient Paper & Industries Ltd. (OPIL) believes that resources must be dynamically matched with a strong commitment to excellence in products and processes through a team of dedicated people while ensuring a clean environment for our planet, the earth. “We have to create long-term experiences to make a differentiation over......

APRIL Group: Betting Big on Pulp, Paper & Viscose

Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL) Group is one of the largest, most technologically advanced, and efficient makers of pulp and paper products in the world. It manufactures products that are used in packaging, printing and writing paper, tissues, shopping bags, food packaging, magazines, and books. APRIL Group’s pulp and......
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Servall Engineering Works: Aiming to Increase Global Reach with an Aggressive Approach in 2022

2021: The year that was 2021 was really a year in which Servall took a number of steps to upgrade its technology by seeking support and also hiring design experts from Europe to distinguish itself from the rest of the suppliers in India Servall Engineering, as mentioned earlier, has been......