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APRIL Group: Betting Big on Pulp, Paper & Viscose

Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL) Group is one of the largest, most technologically advanced, and efficient makers of pulp and paper products in the world. It manufactures products that are used in packaging, printing and writing paper, tissues, shopping bags, food packaging, magazines, and books. APRIL Group’s pulp and......
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APRIL Group Invests in Paperboard Packaging Mill to Support Indonesia’s Economic Development

The new production facility is aligned with the Indonesian Government’s plans to develop a green economy and drive sustainable development. The additional supply for expanded production capacity will come entirely from APRIL Group’s existing supply chain. March 29, 2022 Leading sustainable fiber and product producer Asia Pacific Resources International Limited......

WWF welcomes APRIL's Sustainable Forest Management Policy

January 28, 2014 World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has cautiously welcomed the Sustainable Forest Management Policy (SFMP) launched by Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL), noting that a commitment to support forest conservation areas equal in size to its plantations sets a new standard for the Indonesian pulp and paper industry.......