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Start-up of Voith's Two XcelLine Packaging Paper Machines for Sun Paper Set Record

Two XcelLine paper machines PM 36 and PM 37 successfully started up in record time at Zoucheng site of Sun Paper. October 15, 2018 In the past months, two XcelLine paper machines PM 36 and PM 37 successfully started up at Zoucheng site of Honghe Paper, subsidiary of China’s leading......
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Life Cycle of the U.S. Paper Industry

Manik Seth
By Cathy Greenleaf, Senior Consultant, Fisher International Typical Phases of Industry Growth PHASE CHARACTERISTICS Start Up Innovative product; entry to market not as difficult Growth Generally during this phase smaller companies are forced out through consolidation and barriers to entry are high Mature Profit margins are lowered; market share and......

ITC-PSPD: Combating Fiber Deficiency the Cost-Competitive Way

Manik Seth
India is deficient in overall fiber availability, not to say wood-based fiber; the way forward is to layout carefully a long-term wood-fiber strategy with a serious focus on indigenous social-farm-forestry, cutting down the need of importing fiber permanently. The Indian pulp and paper industry has long been grappling with raw......

Innovations in Steam systems in Pulp and Paper industry

Manik Seth
Qualifications: Master of Technology, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India Technical Specialization: Steam engineering, Two phase flow, thermal & Fluid dynamic aspects of plant design including Automation and Instrumentation packages Abstract The objective of any Utility manager in a Pulp and Paper mill is to minimize his losses, whether in......

Basic Design Parameters Towards Optimisation of Performance on Wire Table

Manik Seth
R K Agarwal, M R MAC-TECH PVT LTD The content of this discussion is based on the vast study and experience on various Paper Machines and includes the references from the studies of various experts from the Industry. One of the most requested improvements from papermakers is to help to......

Kadant Inc Bags Fiber Processing Order Worth USD 7 Mn From Two Paper Producers

Manik Seth
It supplies equipment used in papermaking, paper recycling, and other process industries January 29, 2016 Kadant Inc has won orders totaling USD 7 million from two North America paper producers for chemical pulping equipment and a recycled fiber processing line. The orders were booked in the Q4 2015 and are......

PAPCEL: Drumming up New Business

Manik Seth
For more than 60 years PAPCEL LITOVEL has been producing machines and technological equipment for paper industry. It has its own production planning, technical and technological development, engineering, drawing and projecting department, test room, customer services, factory buildings and assembly halls. PAPCEL, a.s. offers single-deliveries, deliveries of complete technologies, repairs,......

Wires & Fabriks: Fifty-plus Years and Still Going Strong

Manik Seth
Headquartered at Jaipur, Wires & Fabriks (S.A.) Limited – a leading manufacturer and supplier of paper machine clothing in India – manufactures a full range of forming fabrics, woven dryer screens and spiral link dryer screens for all types of paper machines including top-of-the-range high-speed paper machines. Over 30 per......

JK Paper's investment in contemporary technology will save their production cost substantially

Manik Seth
JK Paper is on the verge of commercial start-up of its Rs. 1,750 crores expansion project to be completed by August. Team Paper Mart interacted with Mr. AS Mehta, President, JK Paper Ltd to get an outline on the current status of the project, their marketing strategy for the same......