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Water is a precious commodity and nature’s greatest gift to the living kingdom; every industry has the onus to preserve it. The paper industry’s recent impetus on water conservation and reducing pollution load in effluents is commendable from every aspect, resulting in astounding outcomes. The pulp and paper industry depends...

Ecosystem of Paper Industry Turning Healthier

Manik Seth
I have experienced positive developments in ecosystem of the Industry. There is more dialogue, effort to understand each other’s issues and intentions of resolution, says Mr. Pradeep Dhobale who spearheaded ITC – PSPD over a long period with tremendously amazing outcomes. Mr. Pradeep Vasant Dhobale’s name is sure to be...

Rendezvous with Mr. L. N. Bangur

Manik Seth
Mr. Laxmi Niwas Bangur's lucid philosophy “foresighted vision accompanied with innovative ideas” has been the guiding force for Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills to take strides to the next level of accomplishments. Mr. L.N. Bangur, the Chairman of The Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills Ltd. (APPM) has been honored by the prestigious paper industry International Hall of Fame award by TAPPI. And
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