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Zanders Launches 100% Natural Barrier Paper for Food Packaging

The paper is produced on Zanders’ 6.6 m wide PM3 and, according to the company, an ISEGA certification ensures its suitability for direct food contact.

February 18, 2020

Zanders Launches 100 Percent Natural Barrier Paper for Food Packaging
Apparently consisting of nothing but pure virgin fiber, Zanders says that its innovation is also 100 percent biodegradable.

Zanders’ new Zanbarrier NGR product reportedly offers a 100 percent natural barrier against oil and grease without the use of chemicals and with an even higher density than previous offerings.

The company argues that the higher density of its improved Zanbarrier NGR opens up new application possibilities. It is reportedly ideal for forms of flexible food packaging that require oil and grease-resistance as well as wet-strength, such as fast food applications like doner kebabs or french fries, bread roll bags, butter wrappers, pizza and confectionery cartons, cookie bags or food labels, etc.

“Excellent opacity combined with outstanding printing and converting properties allow any kind of processing from micro flute to lamination. The cellulose fibers are subjected to an incredibly intense grinding process over several refining stages. Treated in this way, the fibers form a tight, strong cross-linked sheet structure thus creating a fully natural barrier to oil and grease. Thanks to the exceptional quality, Zanbarrier NGR will play a similar role in flexible food packaging as Chromolux, for example, in the label paper market,” says Michael Berner, Sales Manager, Food Packaging at Zanders.