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Kotkamills and Siegwerk Partner to Create Innovative Solutions for Development of Fibre-Based Packaging

By combining their expertise and latest innovations, Siegwerk and Kotkamills will actively create new capabilities for fibre-based packaging printers and producers, promoting circularity.

April 8, 2021

Kotkamills and Siegwerk Partner to Create Innovative Solutions for Development of Fibre Based Packaging
Siegwerk and Kotkamills partner to increase packaging circularity

Kotkamills and Siegwerk have joined forces to create innovative solutions for printers and producers of fibre-based packaging to further drive packaging circularity.

Under the motto “Together we accelerate change for good”, this strategic partnership aims to provide the market with highly sustainable and eco-friendly solutions by combining the latest technologies of both companies. The collaboration is based on the potential of water-based dispersion barrier coated paperboard to replace traditional polyethylene (PE) coated board. Thus, the switch in coating not only offers an economic driver to collectors and recyclers, it also reduces the environmental impact of the packaging.

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Since 2018, Kotkamills has used its state-of-the-art technology to produce barrier boards for hot cup and food packaging end uses, in addition to folding boxboard grades, providing the markets with a real sustainable alternative. The new water-based dispersion barriers make the paperboard compostable, repulpable and easy to recycle; the fibres used are from sustainable PEFC™ and FSC® certified sources. Siegwerk’s newest sustainable inks and coating intensify the superior printing properties of Kotkamills’ paperboard, resulting in excellent printing performance and high-quality surface protection.

Together the two partners offer the packaging markets a viable alternative to replacing traditional plastic coatings in fibre-based packaging, improving recyclability and circularity and resulting in an increased value of wastepaper, improved fibre recovery, and a noticeable reduction of waste. The partners’ solutions are designed to help converters and brand owners to deliver more sustainable packaging alternatives and thereby create value for a Circular Economy going forward.

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The combination of Siegwerk’s profound ink expertise and packaging application know-how and Kotkamills’ innovative paperboard products enable the partners to develop cutting-edge solutions for packaging printers and producers, and thus together build a sustainable and circular future. The two companies are committed to continued close collaboration to identify further potential projects in which they can bring other innovative solutions to life and to pursue opportunities with customers in order to shape the future of sustainable printed packaging.