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Shreyans Industries: Encouraging Proper Wastewater Management

Inputs by Mr. Rajneesh Oswal, Chairman & Managing Director, Shreyans Industries Ltd. – on the water treatment infrastructure, the consumption of water, and the measures undertaken to minimise the consumption of fresh water.

Shreyans Industries

Our water treatment process and wastewater treatment strategies…

We have a water treatment plant based on anaerobic and aerobic treatment. The raw material wash effluent is treated anaerobically before being mixed with the other mill effluent.

The aerobic system consists of double aeration equipped with a pure oxygen injection system in aeration tanks. Moreover, Poly Aluminium Chloride (PAC) is being used for de-colouring the wastewater.

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Our investment into water treatment infrastructure…

We have installed a pure oxygen injection system at the effluent treatment plant. Fixed investment in the effluent treatment plant is around INR 25 crore and the monthly expenses are around INR 50-55 lakh.

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Water consumed per tonne of paper produced…

The consumption of water of Shreyans Industries Ltd. is around 50-52 KL to produce 1 tonne of paper.

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Measures undertaken to minimise the consumption…

To minimise the water consumption and reduce wastewater discharges, we, at Shreyans Industries, recirculate machine backwater to the pulp bleaching section. Also, combine condensate from the evaporator section is being reused in the pulp mill. Pure steam condensate from the paper machine, dryers, and recovery plant evaporators, is being circulated to the boiler house and final treated wastewater is being reused for washing of raw materials.