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Ambani Paper Orders Fiber Recovery and ETP from Krofta Engineering Limited

Morbi-based Ambani Paper has awarded an order for delivery of fiber recovery and effluent treatment plant to Krofta Engineering. February 24, 2021 Ambani Paper ‘s one of the new and largest duplex board mills coming up in Morbi has ordered fiber recovery and ETP (Effluent treatment plant) from Krofta Engineering......

Krofta Engineering Limited: Membrane Technology for Water Treatment and Reuse

Growing water scarcity and heightened awareness of water conservation are inducing more and more paper mills to explore areas like water conservation and water recycling within their facilities. In an exclusive interview given to Paper Mart, Mr. Raghvendra Khaitan, Managing Director, Krofta Engineering Limited, talks about the scope of Krofta’s......
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Water Conservation to Clarify the Reject of Centricleaner Effluent

Manik Seth
The latest technology Sedicell is based on Sedimentation cum flotation technology With the combined use of Sedicell and Spray Filter, consumption of water is reduced to almost 10 m3/tonne of paper A successful installation has been done in Bindal Paper, Muzaffarnagar to arrest the dead fiber coming out of the......
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A positive step for achieving zero discharge and closed water circulation system to replace machine showers fresh water with paper machine back water

Manik Seth
This write-up presents the constant efforts made by Krofta Engineering Limited, India, to reduce fresh water consumption in paper machine showers with a machine called Sedicell and a spray filter that gives clarified water of clarity less than 50 microns, replacing fresh water consumption in paper machine showers and pulp......
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Paper Arabia 2010 concludes with a strong message

Manik Seth
Paper Arabia 2010 successfully concluded with over 6,000 trade visitors, which an increase of 16.6 per cent over the last year. Exhibitors from across the globe chose it as a platform to showcase their offering ranging from paper, paper board & tissue to pulp, chemicals, paper making machinery and converting machinery....