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Mounting on Mega Investments, Paper Packaging to Continue on High Growth Trajectory

The mega projects announced recently by JK Paper, Emami, and Naini will add at least 500,000 tonnes of packaging board capacity in premium category, thus matching the pace of forecasted double-digit growth in packaging paper and board, where the demand is slated to reach at 9.7 million tonnes by FY19......

Gulshan Polyols: Satellite PCC plants/ On-site PCC plants

Manik Seth
The company has set up India’s first on-site PCC Plant in a recycled pulp based paper mill; as of now, the company has successfully set up six satellite plants which include the two on-site plant of PCC and WGCC set up in Bangladesh, says Mrs. Arushi Jain. Gulshan Polyols Limited,......
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Water Conservation to Clarify the Reject of Centricleaner Effluent

Manik Seth
The latest technology Sedicell is based on Sedimentation cum flotation technology With the combined use of Sedicell and Spray Filter, consumption of water is reduced to almost 10 m3/tonne of paper A successful installation has been done in Bindal Paper, Muzaffarnagar to arrest the dead fiber coming out of the......
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Tirupati Balaji Fibres, Muzaffarnagar gets new promoters

Manik Seth
Discussing the achievements on the concluding day of the event, Mr. Naveen Agarwal, Director, Tirupati Balaji Fibres Ltd, Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, enthusiastically mentioned that taking over of Tirupati Balaji Fibres Ltd is a great occasion to celebrate for us. Mr. Agarwal further elaborated that they had taken over the idle......

CEO Panel Discussion

Manik Seth
Paper Mart organized a one day symposium on 24th January 2011 at Moradabad for the Uttar Pradesh & Uttaranchal based paper industry, where most of the industry people were present from the region. The key highlight of the symposium was CEO Panel Discussion wherein Mr. Jitendra Kumar, Chairman, Sidharth Papers Ltd; Mr. Pawan Agarwal, JMD, Naini Tissues Ltd and Mr....

“The government statistics says that the paper consumption in India is 9 million tons. But as per our census it is minimum 15 kg per capita”

Manik Seth
In the inaugural speech Mr. Pankaj Aggarwal, Managing Director, Bindlas Duplux Ltd, gave the synopsis of paper industry in Uttar Pradesh & Uttaranchal region. Here are the dialogues. “The consumption of paper is directly attached to the growth of the economy. With the emergence of economy use of paper has risen tremendously like in packaging, education, documentation etc. In short,...