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PT OKI Pulp & Paper embraces BTG's Lignin Management Solution

The BTG scope of supply for this project includes pulp consistency transmitters, kappa analyzers, bleach load transmitters, dissolved lignin transmitters as well as brightness, chemical residual sensors and filtrate extractors. September 16, 2016 PT OKI is installing the innovative BTG’s inline sensors and analyzers at their world-class new fiberline in......
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Improving Performance with Quality Rolls

Rolls Matter In papermaking, rolls carry out a variety of functions. They give a stable run either to the paper web or to wires, felts or belts. Suction rolls apply controlled vacuum at a certain angle to the roll circumference to dewater the web or for pick-up and transfer, and......

Wires & Fabriks: Fifty-plus Years and Still Going Strong

Headquartered at Jaipur, Wires & Fabriks (S.A.) Limited – a leading manufacturer and supplier of paper machine clothing in India – manufactures a full range of forming fabrics, woven dryer screens and spiral link dryer screens for all types of paper machines including top-of-the-range high-speed paper machines. Over 30 per......