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Heinzel Group Eyes India as a Strategic Market for its Future Growth

Established in 1991, the foundation of the Heinzel Group was made by Mr. Alfred Heinzel. Today the group manufactures market pulp, packaging papers, and magazine papers at five production sites in Europe and trades in pulp, paper, recovered paper, and packaging solutions worldwide via 3 trading companies. Sustainability being prime......
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Indian Paper Industry Faces Consequential Disturbances from Global Market

The Indian paper industry is witnessing a period of unpredictable disturbances despite good GDP performance. These disturbances can be attributed to multiple factors around the globe. In a recent interaction with Paper Mart, Mr. J.P. Narain, CEO of Fibertec and Business Transformation Partner for Genus Paper and Board Limited, shared......

Tissue & Paper Products, All Benchmarked to Competition

Standing at 55,000 tpa of tissue production capacity, Orient Paper Mills is one of the largest tissue producers in India, exporting to countries like UAE, Philippines, Srilanka, Australia, etc. Orient Paper Mills, one of the oldest paper producers, is a mainstay of aggregate product basket of the Indian paper market.......
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Recovered paper market in India

Recovered paper demand in India has increased strongly over recent decades as domestic paper production has increased. This trend seems likely to continue as paper consumption rises further. Domestically-sourced recovered paper is typically cheaper than imported recovered paper. Paper manufacturers are therefore expected to try to satisfy their increase in demand for recovered paper by stimulating domestic collections. However, there...