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India Continues to rise as a Paperboard Powerhouse

Fitting with the JK Paper sustainability objectives, AFT has supplied a complete POM® wet end and a refining system for the paperboard line. The wet end system includes a full POM approach flow for the multi-layer paperboard machine with POMix stock processors, POMp degasser arrangements, and MaxFlow headbox screening. JK......
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Mondi Accelerates Sustainable Growth Plans with EUR 280 million Investment in Corrugated Packaging

Mondi is planning to infuse EUR 185 million across the corrugated solutions plant network and EUR 95 million at Mondi Swiecie containerboard mill. The investment is aimed at meeting the rising demand for sustainable packaging in the FMCG, eCommerce, and industrial market sectors. March 24, 2022 Mondi Group is investing......
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Ilim Group Converts PM5 to Produce Kraft Paper in Koryazhma, Russia

After the upgradation, the new product composition will include 100 percent virgin softwood and hardwood pulp allowing the production of an environmentally friendly product. November 22, 2021 Ilim Group will upgrade and convert its PM5 in Koryazhma mill in Russia, which is being used to produce products including – white......