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FPTA: The Indian Paper Industry to Firmly Grow Across All Segments

We are about 14.5 million tonne as of now, projection says by 2020 our consumption and production will grow up to 20 million tonne and by 2030 we should be around 26.5 million tonne. So, we are talking about 6-7 percent growth in demand which clearly doesn’t exist in other......

CENTURY PULP & PAPER: From Deficit to Surplus: An Awesome Tale

Century’s gloomy financial outlook during years 2008-2012 was an outcome of several lapses in operations and administration; a new team harnessed for the purpose located blockages and cleared the way for new performance standards which Century seems to be scaling now. Century is probably among few mills in the country......
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Cotton linters: a valuable raw material for paper industry

BIVIS process: a continuous pulping process from cotton linters for high quality writing & printing papers and special grades. Cotton fibres and cotton-based papers have a long story, which is still continuing today. Papers from cotton fibers For a long, paper was formerly made from non-wood fibres such as flax......