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West Coast Paper Mills Ltd.: In Process of Developing New Paper Packaging Products

“West Coast Paper has recently launched 100% plastic-free, biodegradable coated paper board as a replacement for plastic or plastic-coated paper cups, plates and other disposable products.” Excerpts of the interview with Mr. P. C. Maloo, Sr. Vice President – Marketing, West Coast Paper Mills Ltd.: Paper Mart: As there has......

Paper Mart Vol 21 No 4, Oct-Nov, 2020

Paper Mart’s OCT-NOV 2020 issue is now live. Featuring India’s Exciting Packaging Story – includes insights and opinions from paper mills, corrugators/converters and the brands. Check our Packaging Spotlight for latest trends and innovations in sustainable packaging. ...
Special Feature

“The average daily water consumption in 2015-16 was 76,348 m3, which has been significantly reduced to 53,392 m3 in 2019-20. Thus, there has been a 30% reduction in the overall consumption of water.”

Started in 1955, West Coast Paper Mills is one of the oldest and the largest producers of paper in India. It produces various grades of writing & printing, cup stock, Industrial grades and other varieties of paper. The ‘wood to paper’ process mastery and product research have enabled our mill......


Manik Seth
All companies have high expectations of how they will perform as a business and predictably high opinions of how well they’re serving their customers and shareholders. The real measure of competitiveness is how well companies employ their resources, as reflected in multitude operational metrics along with traditional yardsticks as revenue......