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Toscotec Finalizes a Drying Section Rebuild at Cartiera San Giorgio, Italy

The leading manufacturer of plants and equipment for the production of tissue paper and paper board, Toscotec has now completed the full upgrade of the drying section of PM1 after rebuilding the post-dryer section. March 25, 2021 Cartiera San Giorgio successfully started up its PM1 after the complete rebuilt of......

BTG Continues to Implement Its New-Generation Yankee Performance Monitoring System Through Lockdown

Designed to be a networked system or part of a multi-site enterprise solution, VigilancePRO naturally enables offsite connectivity. April 23, 2020 While many countries in the world are getting lockdown through Covid-19 lockdown, BTG has managed to realize several start-ups of its Yankee Performance Monitoring system (called VigilancePRO), allowing customers......