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Unicharm Launches Regenerated Pulp Packaging in Indonesia

Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries data show that the Southeast Asian country is the world’s second-largest contributor of plastic pollutants in the ocean, generating 6.4 million tons a year.

June 14, 2021


Major Japanese hygiene products maker Unicharm Corp. has started selling in Indonesia sanitary pads and face masks in eco-friendly regenerated pulp packaging.

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As reported in a leading daily, Unicharm’s local subsidiary, PT. Uni-Charm Indonesia Tbk, launched the products packaged in fully recycled pulp earlier this month via online stores and at selected hypermarkets and supermarkets in the country in limited volumes.

“Charm Safe Night 350mm” priced at 24,400 rupiah ($1.71) and “Unicharm Mask Protect Pollution” priced at 24,900 rupiah ($1.74) are the first Unicharm group products to use 100 percent regenerated pulp packaging.

The use of plastics has been cut by about 70 percent in the packages for the pads and 80 percent in those for the masks compared with conventional packaging, Unicharm said.

The overall volume of plastics used in the limited editions has been cut by 14.4 percent and 16.7 percent, respectively, it added.

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The items were brought to market in an effort to boost environmental awareness around World Environment Day on June 5, in a country dealing with a number of environmental issues.