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Beeta: Elite Among Tissue Makers

Incorporated in the embryonic 1992 market under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Sumit Khanna, Beeta Tissue has always positioned itself in the niche market of quality tissues. Beeta has also sought to maintain its core strength, a Value for Money status.
Beeta believes that business is not about profits, but about making an impact. An organization is not only about products but also about people. At Beeta, excellence is a fundamental principle, the pursuit of which originates from technically qualified promoters imbued with vision to steer it as the leader in manufacturing quality tissue paper products. Their international exposure, aspiration to contribute to the industry and managerial education has ensured commitment to three core values: Caring about customers, using teamwork to achieve goals, and continuous improvement and innovation. Beeta has always taken pride in being the industry’s trend-setters, by steadfastly innovating upon its merchandise.
Beeta’s product range includes paper napkins with 3 colours printing, toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, facial tissues, party packs and kitchen roll dispensers. The designs incorporated are trendy and smart, and utmost care is taken to ensure world-standard packaging. The product range is utilitarian yet extremely appealing, reflecting the passion with which they are designed.
Beeta’s prestigious clientele includes Spenser Retail Limited, Maruti Service Masters, Barista, Apollo Pharma, SAK CRS Retail Ltd, Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Big Apple, and Sabka Bazaar.