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Intertrade Hellas Starts Up a Turnkey Tissue line of 244 TPD from A.Celli

In addition to the tissue line, A.Celli had also provided its DCS process control system and an Industry 4.0-ready automation platform for Intertrade Hellas’ plant.

January 13, 2023

Intertrade Hellas
A.Celli Tissue Line

Intertrade Hellas has successfully started up an A.Celli tissue line at its plant in Inofyta, Viotia (Athens). The startup of the operations has been achieved in tandem with the stipulated timelines of the agreement between the two companies.

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As per their press release, A.Celli turnkey tissue line delivered has produced its first batch of jumbo roll on a timely basis. Moreover, the production operations are in equivalent to the expected speed and product quality.

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The tissue production line is designed to manufacture top-quality tissue paper from virgin fiber in view of Intertrade Hellas’ specific request in terms of layout and desired production capacity.

The supply includes the following solutions: stock preparation line; A.Celli iDEAL® Master 2000L tissue machine with a web width of 5600 mm, design speed of 2100 MPM, and working speed of 2000 MPM; 16” Forged Yankee Dryer, with a width of 6085 mm; 5600 mm wide three-ply E-WIND® T200 slitter rewinder, with a speed of 1800 MPM; and R-WAY® automatic reel handling system composed of conveyor belt, wrapper, up-ender and labelling system.

A.Celli also provided its exclusively designed DCS process control system and an Industry 4.0-ready automation platform, developed to integrate the numerous systems implemented in Intertrade Hellas’ plant. The tissue line is expected to reach a production capacity of 244 TPD or 221 TPD, respectively for tissue paper with a basis weight of 20 GSM and 16 GSM. 

In the words of Mr. Ioannis Delidimos, CEO of Intertrade Hellas S.A., “The A.Celli iDEAL® Master 2000L combines high efficiency and superb tissue quality with minimum energy consumption. Over the last 2 years A.Celli has been proven a valuable partner in every stage of the process. We are indeed very happy with our decision: A.Celli fulfills the highest standards in tissue machines.”

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Mr. Alessandro Celli, Member of the A.Celli Paper’s Board of Directors, says, “This project started in full spirit of collaboration with Intertrade, defining all the guidelines together. The successful start-up of the supplied line, which includes our exclusive forged Yankee Dryer, an automatic reel handling system and innovative Industry 4.0 solutions, is the result of the excellent collaboration between our two companies and trust placed by Intertrade in our know-how and technology.”