Mangalam Paper to Set up a New 100 TPD Plant for Absorbent Kraft

The estimated amount to be invested is Rs. 45 crore.
May 31, 2015
Mangalam Paper Private Limited, based at Ahemedabad, Gujarat, is investing Rs. 45 crore for the installation of a new absorbent kraft paper plant. Mr. Lalit Bhai Patel, Director, Mangalam Paper said that the plant would be erected on area of 50,000 sq m on Viramgam Malia Highway, Gujarat.
The work on the project is underway and trial production will start by December 2016. The plant would be finally commissioned by the end of January 2017. This 100 TPD plant would be producing absorbent kraft paper. Major suppliers include PARASON Machinery, India for the entire pulp mill, Hi -Tech Engineers and Garuda Engineering Technology other machineries and equipments.