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Single-Use Plastic Ban Opens the Door of Opportunities for Paper Industry

According to the industry experts, there are various applications in which the paper industry can chip, such as paper bags, straws, and cutlery, as sustainable alternatives to plastics. Even the investors have recognised the immense opportunity as there has been an upward trend in the shares of leading paper companies.......
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WWF India Case Study on Flipkart – Shrinking the Plastic World by Adopting Sustainable Practices

WWF India case study on the Flipkart group showcases the larger collaboration by ecosystem partners is crucial to building a circular economy. Flipkart Group companies, including Flipkart and Myntra, have eliminated 100 percent single-use plastic packaging in their supply chain. February 21, 2022 Greater participation by private stakeholders and other......
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Myntra: Initiating a Pathway for Seamless Adoption and Transition to Sustainable Packaging across the Value Chain

Packaging offers a visible and tangible indication of our commitment to creating a sustainable ecosystem and moving towards a 100 percent elimination of single-use plastic is a major step and a significant milestone in the direction of sustainable practices. An integral part of Flipkart Group — Myntra is a major......