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Evolution of Paper-Based Packaging

The use of paper for packaging, products like cardboard, paperboard, shipping sacks, and paper bags, began as early as 1817. The types of paper-based packaging, as we know today, have been through a number of huge transformations. Let’s have a look at the origins of paper-based packaging through the timeline.......
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Myntra: Initiating a Pathway for Seamless Adoption and Transition to Sustainable Packaging across the Value Chain

Packaging offers a visible and tangible indication of our commitment to creating a sustainable ecosystem and moving towards a 100 percent elimination of single-use plastic is a major step and a significant milestone in the direction of sustainable practices. An integral part of Flipkart Group — Myntra is a major......
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Compañía Papelera Pacífico Orders Decontamination System from Voith

Voith’s decontamination system will enable CPP to substantially increase the processing capacity of the waste contained in the recycled cardboard. August 12, 2021 Compañía Papelera Pacífico (CPP) is a subsidiary of the Chilean Group Empresas Coipsa. With another subsidiary of Empresas Coipsa – Unipapel, the company manufactures corrugated paper as......