Nestlé Brazil to Launch NESCAU Beverage Range in SIG Carton Packs

Nestlé Brazil’s new NESCAU carton packs will feature SIG’s renewable and recyclable paper straw solution.

December 3, 2020

Nestlé’s NESCAU beverage range

Nestlé Brazil has partnered with SIG, a systems and solutions provider for aseptic carton packaging, to introduce its complete NESCAU beverage range in SIG combiblocMini carton packs.

The new NESCAU carton packs, which are expected to meet Nestlé’s sustainability goals, will feature SIG’s renewable and recyclable paper straw solution.

SIG said that switching to SIG’s market-ready paper straw solution for aseptic carton packs could help Nestlé prevent the use of up to 300 million plastic straws per year.

Nestlé aims to make all of its packaging reusable or recyclable, including the non-use of non-recyclable plastics by 2025.

SIG South America market director Andressa Joaquim said that the company developed the entire project for Nestlé from the installation and adaptation of the filling technology, to applying the paper straw to the carton after filling, at the Feira de Santana plant.

Joaquim added: “Our main objective was to use all our know-how and technology to find the best, and at the same time, most sustainable solution for Nestlé.”

Nestlé plans to operate run three SIG filling lines to fill combiblocMini carton packs for the NESCAU brand.

Starting in December 20202, Nestlé plans to make available the NESCAU Prontinho packaging with the new SIG paper straw, in five sizes from 125ml to 250ml at major retail stores in Brazil.

Nestlé aims to minimize the use of plastics in the brand’s products and create awareness among the consumers about the correct disposal of packaging.