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Paper Mart Emagazine Apr-May, 2023

Paper Mart Apr-May 2023 edition is now live!
Paper Mart’s Apr-May 2023 edition puts out all the developments that the pulp and paper industry is going through in global and domestic scenarios. These developments range from traditional capacity enhancements to the modernization of technology employed by mills across the world. In this edition, we have tried to cover a glimpse of the transitional phase that the industry is going through, and the drivers of these changes. The edition features exclusive interviews with Naini Papers, Dev Priya Industries, Crown Paper Mill, Apollo Papers, ANDRITZ, and TNPL among others. Additionally, technology-based enhancements, commissioning of new projects, maiden operations of completed projects, laws and regulations affecting global pulp and paper trade, and emerging industry trends have also been covered. Check out the edition now!