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Better Practices, Better Business — Philip Tapsall

The adoption of sustainable business practices is increasingly being seen a strategic means by which industries can address emerging risks to their business, with many companies recognizing its centrality to long-term growth. The same holds true for the paper industry, which is being faced with its own unique set of......

ITC PSPD's Exquisite Paperboard Portfolio

The recent unveiling of portfolio by ITC PSPD vividly presents the diverse usage if its paperboards, demonstrating at the same time the key components of its paperboard business philosophy, viz. food safety, hygiene and sustainability. ITC PSPD recently launched a new paperboard portfolio showcasing both its standard and unique products......

ITC Writes New Gospel with Bible: Company lines up big global plans for Bible-paper business

September 15, 2012 Bible is by most trade estimates, the world’s largest-selling book, with consistent annual sales of around 25 million and requires special paper. ITC (PSPD), the third-largest revenue generator for ITC after FMCG (including cigarettes) and agri-business is one of the largest players in bible printing paper in......