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Mondi Flexible Packaging “Leapfrogs” Ahead in the Recycling Game

After almost four years of development, Mondi and Werner & Mertz will introduce a new, patented innovation in 2019: a 100-percent recyclable pouch with detachable decorative panels. The pouch replaces conventional flexible packaging for Frosch products. The pioneering design overcomes many shortcomings of the recycling process and is the result......
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Packaging On the Move

Manik Seth
Global packaging is getting driven by many visible, invisible factors and it’s moving for sure. Paper and board packaging is set to gulp the largest chunk; Indian pulp and paper industry may read many prolific omens in this. The packaging industry, as per almost all reports and market surveys, is......

First Time in India – Biodegradable paper and paperboard laminates

Manik Seth
2 August, 2011 ITC PSPD (Paperboard and Specialty Papers division) has developed a new series of paper and paperboard laminates with applications in Flexible Packaging, Folding Cartons and Disposables. The new series of products has been launched as ‘Omegawrap ‘for flexible packaging, ‘Omegabarr’ for folding Cartons and ‘Omegabev’ for disposables.......