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Badruka Exim to Increase Focus on Packaging and Recycled Board Segments

2021: The year that was 2021 saw the paper industry market prices rise to exorbitant highs. Even though it is true for a lot of industries in this pandemic stricken second year but the board prices saw an increase of almost 40 percent. This was due to the coal shortage,......
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Borkar Packaging: Demonstrating Latest Technology with Hi-Tech Machinery and Equipment

With eight plants across India, we convert approximately 12500 tonnes of paper per month. Borkar Packaging Pvt. Ltd. has been providing packaging solutions for the last seven decades. It is one of the largest packaging companies in India that is involved in the design, development, and manufacturing of folding cartons.......
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Mayr-Melnhof M Group Completes Acquisition of Kotkamills

The acquisition will strengthen the position of MM Kotkamills in the virgin fiberboard segment. With this undertaking, the company has forayed into the growing cupstock market and saturating kraft paper in which Kotkamills is one of the global leaders. August 04, 2021 The Mayr-Melnhof Group (MM) has acquired Kotkamills Group......

BekaertSolaronics Installs Infrared System GemDryer®at ITC Bhadrachalam

The system would produce coated recycled board with the best printing quality and high density September, 2015 BekaertSolaronics has installed a gas infrared system called GemDryer® for coat drying on BM7 at ITC Bhadrachalam Paper, India. The BekaertSolaronics GemDryer®is equipped with 100 percent ceramic gas emitters Gem9 which provide high......

ITC to start 100,000 TPA Board Machine this year

ITC Bhadrachalam is setting up a 100,000 MTPA board machine, which is scheduled to start production in Q3 of 2012-13. The machine will produce Virgin Fibre Boards and Recycled Boards using waste paper, hardwood mill pulp, BCTMP. The multi-fourdrinier machine with 3160 mm deckle, 350 mpm speed will have a......