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BTG Total Tissue Capability- A Holistic Approach to Tissue Making

BTG announces the launch of its Total tissue Capability package, a new tightly integrated product and service offering combining hardware, specialist expertise and consumables designed to help tissue makers quickly resolve persistent problems and optimize their process. In a highly competitive market, tissue manufacturers are under intense pressure to boost productivity while also cutting costs. At the same time, many...

New evidence suggests electric hand dryers in public toilets pose health risk

The electric hand dryers found in thousands of public toilets can dramatically increase the number of bacteria on people's hands after washing them and contaminate the washrooms where they are installed. Scientists at the University of Westminster discovered the shocking findings during a study in which they compared the numbers of bacteria on subjects' hands before and after they had...

Brunnschweiler Brings Most Advanced Drying & Ventilation Techniques to India

Brunnschweiler needs no introduction for air technology in paper industry.The company has firmly positioned itself as one of the distinguished supplier of drying and ventilation techniques in paper, cardboard and pulp manufacturing since last 50 years, offering a personalized service from project definition to performance test. The company asset is their world class manufacturing unit, which has been instrumental in...