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IVAX: Expanding Its Presence in Europe

The only producer of ASA sizing agent for paper in India, IVAX Paper Chemicals is planning to expand its presence on European markets. Saurabh Mittal, Director, Sales & Technology, IVAX Paper Chemicals Limited, talks about his company and his expansions plans in an exclusive interview given to Paper Mart. Here......
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IVAX: The Past, the Presnt and the Future…

Ivax sets up a state-of-the-art plant in “Kandy”, following international standards of production, quality control and safety Ivax Paper Chemicals, a name well recognized in the paper industry, often looked upon as a complete cost effective solution provider for paper chemicals, has a history of incessant contribution to paper and......

Ivax: Ash is Cash

Ivax has always believed itself to be the solutionprovider for the global paper industry. Presently, the biggest challenge for any paper industry is surmounting raw material cost. After an extensive research and development, Ivax has successfully developed a cost effective solution to all paper makers- The HI ASH Programme. This......