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4evergreen Alliance: Guidance on Improved Collection and Sorting of Fibre-Based Packaging for Recycling

4evergreen’s ‘Guidance on the Improved Collection and Sorting of Fibre-Based Packaging for Recycling’ – contains a review of the collection and sorting systems across Europe. 4evergreen, a cross-industry alliance, promoting low-carbon and circular fibre-based packaging, strives to bring together the entire value chain. With the aim of a comprehensive outlook......
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Cepi Joins Forces Across the Paper Value Chain and Testing Labs to Update its European Test Method for Paper Recyclability

Cepi’s harmonised recyclability test method offers a solid foundation for the target to make all paper packaging recyclable by 2025 and reach a recycling rate of 90 percent by 2030. October 10, 2022 Cepi has introduced the update of its European harmonised recyclability test method. This is developed in collaboration......
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Elopak Launches Aseptic Carton – Pure-Pak eSense

The aseptic carton has been manufactured with the technology from Elopak’s fresh portfolio without aluminium layer that is generally used in aseptic packaging. September 04, 2021 Elopak has introduced an environmentally-friendly aseptic carton – the Pure-Pak® eSense. The new Pure-Pak® eSense is in the same shape as the Pure-Pak® Sense......