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HEADLINE Special Feature

People, Planet & Profit: Key to a Sustainable Future for Paper Manufacturing

Historically, the primary concern for businesses was profit. Today, companies in every sector are inclining towards ‘Environmental and Social Sustainability’ by becoming increasingly environmentally concerned and socially involved. While sustainability is one of the driving factors for almost all firms, measuring it can be extremely complex. In order to measure......

CII Organises Conference on Water Management in Pulp & Paper Industry

The 7th CII National Conference on Pulp & Paper, organised over a virtual platform on August 31, shared good practices for water use efficiency in business operations, through two plenary sessions, contributing to overall environmental protection and sustainability. The waste and wastewater management of the pulp and paper industry is......
Tech Articles

Headbox reconditioning yields 30% better dry weight profiles at ITC Bhadrachalam

Small things really do make a big difference. For example, the right headbox adjustments and careful cleaning alone can significantly improve the overall performance of a production line. ITC, Bhadrachalam learned this lesson firsthand after the headbox of its BM 1 was thoroughly tested and reconditioned. Bhadrachalam Unit, part of......