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Paper Boat Needs WATER to Float… Save it!

Surrounded by myths, the paper Industry is often hailed as ‘not good for the environment.’ However, in reality, paper is one of the very few truly sustainable products. Made from wood, agricultural residue, or waste paper, it is – renewable, reusable, and recyclable. The manufacturing process is also becoming environment-friendly with......
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Pudumjee Paper Products reports turnover of INR 142.24 crore in Q3 FY22

In Q3 FY22, the consolidated net profit of Pudumjee Paper surged 1346.67 percent to INR 9.35 crore as against the net loss of INR 0.75 crore in the Q3 FY21. February 23, 2022 Pudumjee Paper Products Ltd. has registered a growth of 10.08 percent in the net sales turnover to......

Pudumjee Paper Resumes Production at Pune Plant

Pudumjee Paper has resumed manufacturing of specialty paper products as input for packaging material in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, hospital supplies, hygiene sectors, food, confectionery, etc. May 18, 2020 Pudumjee Paper Products Limited (Company) had earlier suspended its plant operations at Pune to ensure the safety of employees/workers of......