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CPPRI to set up Waste Paper Recycle Promotion Centres in Delhi and Chennai

The WPRPC Delhi Centre was inaugurated on October 12 at Patparganj Industrial Area by CPPRI. Mr. T. Balakumar, CMD, Subam Papers Pvt. Ltd. and Chairman of DCPPAI was the chief guest at the inaugural ceremony. Central Pulp and Paper Research Institute (CPPRI), Saharanpur has been awarded a project on setting......
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Paper Boat Needs WATER to Float… Save it!

Surrounded by myths, the paper Industry is often hailed as ‘not good for the environment.’ However, in reality, paper is one of the very few truly sustainable products. Made from wood, agricultural residue, or waste paper, it is – renewable, reusable, and recyclable. The manufacturing process is also becoming environment-friendly with......
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Waste Paper Collection Mechanism in India: Current Status and Future Requirement

There are 750 pulp and paper mills in India producing many varieties of paper, namely writing and printing paper, packaging paper, coated paper and some specialty grade paper. Currently, the paper, paperboard and newsprint production in the country is 10.11 million tons against an installed capacity of 12.70 million tons.......