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Paper Boat Needs WATER to Float… Save it!

Surrounded by myths, the paper Industry is often hailed as ‘not good for the environment.’ However, in reality, paper is one of the very few truly sustainable products. Made from wood, agricultural residue, or waste paper, it is – renewable, reusable, and recyclable. The manufacturing process is also becoming environment-friendly with......

IPPTA holds 56th AGM & Seminar Emphasising on Best Practices in the Industry

The IPPTA seminar was organised on 25 and 26 March 2022 at The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi. Sharing and implementing best practices is an excellent way to help businesses improve their products and maximise the value of investments. After two years of the pandemic, when the paper industry is still......
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“Paper industry is expected to show better financial performance with economic recovery”

This article is a part of Silver Linings to the Corona Cloud feature Indian paper industry with a turnover of about INR 70,000 crores plays an important role in the manufacturing segment of the Indian economy. The paper industry like all other industries has also been affected adversely due to......

Khanna Paper Mills Limited: Soaring on waste-paper wings for sustainable paper business

Starting in a small way in 1965 with the dream of one man, Khanna Paper Mills Ltd (KPM) has grown into a reputed company with the hard work and vision of many. In its earliest days, it manufactured 200 kg of paper per day; it currently manufactures 330 tons of......