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Greenwashing: Misleading the Consumers

Green marketing owes its existence to corporate environmental responsibility and the urgency about combating the issue of climate change. A business practice that takes into consideration consumer concerns about driving preservation and conservation of the natural environment, green marketing highlights the superior environmental protection features of a company’s products and......

Circular Economy and Bio-Based Products: The Themes of Pulpaper

PulPaper is the leading exhibition and conference event in the forest industry’s calendar. It will be held in Helsinki, Finland on 29–31 May 2018. April 26, 2018 The forest industry is experiencing a transition period as the environmental impact of the sector is known better than before. The event takes......

China is eager to use Finnish know-how to upgrade its paper plants

Manik Seth
April 16, 2012 China is renewing its pulp and paper manufacturing and will increase production by 30% over the next five years. Finpro is cooperating with the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries on a project to bring Finnish pulp and paper expertise together and take it to the Chinese market.......