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HEADLINE Interviews

Speciality Group to Establish Nigeria’s First Writing and Printing Paper Manufacturing Plant

Speciality Group is planning expansion in its current operations on a large scale. The Nigeria-based group has recently added a corrugation unit at its paper manufacturing facility. In the near future, a writing and printing paper plant will also become operational. In an interactive session with Paper Mart, Mr. Rajiv......

Nippon Paper Industries to Shutdown 531,000 Tonnes of Production Capacity

The Company has resolved to reorganize the production structure for its paper business. June 1, 2018 Since the global financial crisis, domestic demand for paper in Japan has been in a state of structural decline due to development of IT. Since 2009, as the top manufacturer of newsprint and printing......

Emami Paper Mills Ltd.: Another Big Capacity in Offing After Success of First Packaging Board Unit

Buoyed up by the performance of its first packaging unit at Balasore, touching almost 180,000 TPA mark, Emami is now planning to put in place a similar plant. The company’s estimated turnover is to cross Rs. 2500 Cr after this expansion, which will result in doubling of its present capacity......
Special Feature

Naini Group: Technology Rebuild, a Complete & Continuous Action

Naini Group is a lean company, which envisions efficient manufacturing, better product quality, and healthy environment move together in sync. Paper Mart recently visited Naini Group’s writing-printing paper manufacturing plants to eyewitness major technological initiatives in production and environment domains, only to find some very encouraging results. Exemplified aptly by......

Indonesian Paper Industry to Get Tax Incentive

The industry employs some 2.1 million workers and contributes up to USD 6 billion in foreign exchange February 3, 2016 The Indonesian government is reviewing to give tax incentives to the paper industry. Trade Minister Saleh Husin said the paper industry has high local content, as it employs some 2.1......
Tech Articles

Waste Paper Collection Mechanism in India: Current Status and Future Requirement

There are 750 pulp and paper mills in India producing many varieties of paper, namely writing and printing paper, packaging paper, coated paper and some specialty grade paper. Currently, the paper, paperboard and newsprint production in the country is 10.11 million tons against an installed capacity of 12.70 million tons.......