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IPPTA: Paper Industry's Footsteps Towards Cutting-Edge Technology

Manik Seth
The Indian paper industry seems to have understood that key growth drivers are sustainability and competitiveness through technology and proper investment decision making. IPPTA’s zonal seminar on the theme ‘Technological Advancement in Pulp/Paper Making Using Agro, Recycled and Other Raw Materials’ was conducted on the 4th and 5th August, 2016......

Valmet: Now, Independent & More Focused

Manik Seth
With net sales at approximately EUR 2.5 billion in 2014, over 12,000 professionals around the world, and a new identity as Valmet, its vision to become the global champion in serving its customers has never been distant. Valmet’s industrial history ranges 200 years and it has the current reincarnation as......

Global Challenges for Paper Industry: BASF's Cost-Optimisation Strategies

Manik Seth
This write-up focuses on reduction of total costs of operation through enhancement of paper machine runnability and paper formulation sustainability. Some of the key driving actions in this context involve substitution of higher-cost fibre sources by lower-cost fibre sources, optimisation of coating formulation and improvement of the production output of......

Maxim Specialty Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.: On the Road to Innovation and Cost-effectiveness

Manik Seth
Founded in January 2010, Maxim Specialty Chemicals Private Limited offers a wide range of paper process and water treatment chemicals to paper mills in India, South East Asia and Middle East markets. Maxim strives to provide its customers with cost-effective solutions and believes in staying ahead of the competition by......

Raw material challenge hitting growth of Paper industry in India

Manik Seth
January 11, 2013 “India is rated as one of the fastest growing market for paper globally. The demand of paper has been growing at around 8% for some time and so far, the growth of paper industry has mirrored the growth in GDP. However paper consumption is poised for a......

Indian Paper Industry Surging Ahead on Strong Fundamentals

Manik Seth
An Overview Reforms undertaken in the early 1990s made India one of the world’s fastest growing economies. The boom of the IT industry and improved agricultural production created an atmosphere of optimism, which led to the coining of phrases, such as Incredible India, India Shining, and India 2020 around the......